OpenAI partners with The Atlantic and Vox Media

The agreements come amidst criticism from authors and publishers who accuse OpenAI of using their work without permission.


OpenAI has secured licensing agreements with The Atlantic and Vox Media, expanding its partnerships with publishers to enhance its AI products. These deals allow OpenAI to display news from these outlets in products like ChatGPT and use their content to train its AI models. Although financial terms were not disclosed, this move follows similar agreements with major publishers like News Corp., Dotdash Meredith, and The Financial Times.

Executives from The Atlantic and Vox Media emphasised that these partnerships will help readers discover their content more easily. Nicholas Thompson, CEO of The Atlantic, highlighted the importance of AI in future web navigation and expressed enthusiasm for making The Atlantic’s stories more accessible through OpenAI’s platforms.

Additionally, these agreements will provide the publishers access to OpenAI’s technology, aiding them in developing new AI-powered products. For instance, The Atlantic is working on Atlantic Labs, an initiative focused on creating AI-driven solutions using technology from OpenAI and other companies.