OpenAI strikes major content deal with News Corp

The deal is crucial for training AI models and can be profitable for news publishers.

Logo of OpenAI

OpenAI, led by Sam Altman, has entered a significant deal with media giant News Corp, securing access to content from its major publications. The agreement follows a recent content licensing deal with the Financial Times aimed at enhancing the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Such partnerships are essential for training AI models, providing a financial boost to news publishers traditionally excluded from the profits generated by internet companies distributing their content.

The financial specifics of the latest deal remain undisclosed, though the Wall Street Journal, a News Corp entity, reported that it could be valued at over $250 million across five years. The deal ensures that content from News Corp’s publications, including the Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, and the Times, will not be immediately available on ChatGPT upon publication. The following move is part of OpenAI’s ongoing efforts to secure diverse data sources, following a similar agreement with Reddit.

The announcement has positively impacted News Corp’s market performance, with shares rising by approximately 4%. OpenAI’s continued collaboration with prominent media platforms underscores its commitment to developing sophisticated AI models capable of generating human-like responses and comprehensive text summaries.