Nigeria advancing finger vein biometrics to tackle cybercrime

Plans for introduction of finger-vein biometrics are underway in Nigeria. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) plans to integrate the biometrics with personal phone numbers and International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)in the fight against cybercrime and identity fraud.

CBN’s Director of Payments System Management Department, Mr. Sam Okojere explained that they were advancing with finger vein biometrics to include those whose fingerprints could not be captured due to wear arising from their occupation. Integrating finger vein technology would therefore curb the menace of SIM swapping in the country.

As reported by The Sun, the finger vein recognition works through reading the veins. A near infrared light is used to read haemoglobin in the finger veins. This makes it difficult to replicate and insulates it from dirt, sweat, grease or surface injury.