NGO Coalition calls on TSMC to strengthen climate commitments

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A coalition of NGOs has released, a website calling Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world’s largest chipmaker, to reduce its massive carbon footprint. The website was published by, 350 Asia and Greenpeace International.

TSMC is a key supplier to some of the world’s biggest global IT brands, including Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon, all of which have committed to net zero supply chain emissions. TSMC threatens to derail its customers’ climate commitments as a main supplier.

TSMC heavily relies on fossil fuels which contribute to pollution. The semiconductor manufacturing process demands a lot of energy, and this sector’s emissions are rising rapidly. TSMC’s renewable energy usage rate in 2021 was merely 9%, which is significantly lower than its major competitors, with Samsung using 20% and Intel using 82% renewable energy.