New Zealand’s call for responsible technology governance at UNGA78

New Zealand’s Foreign Minister’s address at the UN General Assembly underscored the importance of responsible governance in the face of technological advancements and digital challenges. Their call for international cooperation and norms reflects a commitment to maintaining global security and ensuring the safe and responsible use of emerging technologies.

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Nanaia Mahuta, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Local Government of New Zealand, addresses the general debate of the General Assembly’s seventy-eighth session. Source: UN Photo Library

In their address to the 78th UN General Assembly (UNGA78), Nanaia Mahuta, the Foreign Minister of New Zealand highlighted critical issues related to technological advancements and digital challenges, calling for global cooperation and responsible governance.

Balancing the Potential and Peril of New Technologies

Mahuta emphasised the need to address the profound challenges posed by emerging technologies. They stressed the importance of striking a balance between harnessing the peaceful potential of these technologies and preventing catastrophic harm resulting from unchecked development and military applications.

The minister called for a commitment to international rules and limits on autonomous weapons systems, recognising the potential dangers they pose if used irresponsibly. Furthermore, they urged the establishment of clear norms to guide the responsible use of other emerging technologies, with a specific mention of AI. Additionally, the minister underscored the importance of preserving the peaceful use of outer space amidst advancing technology.

Confronting Digital Challenges Through Global Collaboration

In the second part of her speech, the Foreign Minister highlighted the pressing need to address digital challenges, including cyber threats and online extremism. They advocated for a proactive approach involving smart coalitions, where governments collaborate effectively with civil society and industry.

This approach was exemplified by the Christchurch Call to Action, a significant initiative to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online. The Foreign Minister emphasised the importance of international cooperation and partnerships to combat these digital threats effectively.

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