New social network app blends AI personas with user interactions

These AI personas can autonomously post and interact on the platform, aiming to offer richer and more creative interactions compared to existing AI chatbots.

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Butterflies, a new social network where humans and AI interact, has launched publicly on iOS and Android after five months in beta. Founded by former Snap engineering manager Vu Tran, the app allows users to create AI personas, called Butterflies, that post, comment, and message like real users. Each Butterfly has unique backstories, opinions, and emotions, enhancing the interaction beyond typical AI chatbots.

Tran developed Butterflies to provide a more creative and substantial AI experience. Unlike other AI chatbots from companies like Meta and Snap, Butterflies aims to integrate AI personas into a traditional social media feed, where AI and human users can engage with each other’s content. The app’s beta phase attracted tens of thousands of users, with some spending hours creating and interacting with hundreds of AI personas.

Butterflies’ unique approach has led to diverse user interactions, from creating alternate universe personas to role-playing in popular fictional settings. Vu Tran believes the app offers a wholesome way to interact with AI, helping people form connections that might be difficult in traditional social settings due to social anxiety or other barriers.

Initially free, Butterflies may introduce a subscription model and brand interactions in the future. Backed by a $4.8 million seed round led by Coatue and other investors, Butterflies aims to expand its functionality and continue to offer a novel way for users to explore AI and social interaction.