Microsoft UK pledges support for Digital Skills for Defence

The Ministry of Defence partnered with Microsoft UK to improve digital skills across its workforce through the Digital Skills for Defence (DS4D) programme.

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The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MOD) has announced a partnership with Microsoft UK to accelerate the development of digital skills across its workforce.

The collaboration will support The Digital Skills for Defence (DS4D) programme, which aims to transform digital skills for military personnel and civilians. The partnership will focus on providing training for the entire MOD workforce, including military, civilian, and digital professionals, on Microsoft products and services. The DS4D programme is seen as crucial in building and retaining operational and business advantages for the Ministry of Defence, and beyond that, it is expected to support the UK Government’s priority to grow the economy. The key elements of the training programme are:

  • Supporting the workforce in enabling training for Microsoft products and services.
  • Helping to raise awareness of additional skills programs and resources that align with DS4D’s training objectives and support the programme’s skills and development pathways.
  • Offering shadowing opportunities for Senior MOD staff to foster a culture of sharing best practices and adopting innovative digital approaches.