Microsoft launches Windows PC Affordability in Africa Initiative

To reduce the prevalence of Microsoft software piracy in Africa’s emerging markets, Microsoft launched the Windows PC Affordability in Africa Initiative in partnership with PC partners, Acer, Asus, Dell, Intel, Lenovo, SMD Technologies, and Mustek. The initiative aimed at addressing the challenge reported by The Software Alliance in its June 2018 report regarding the high rate of pirated software across the Middle East and Africa. The report found that Libya and Zimbabwe have the highest users of unlicensed software with 90% and 89% respectively.  ‘The Windows PC Affordability in Africa Initiative can help close the digital divide and put that power into the hands of those whose lives will be transformed the most. Dell Technologies strives to close this digital gap through sharing understanding around different device and technology ecosystems and enhancing the value created by them,’ noted Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies, CEE & MERAT, Vice President Dave Brooke.