Meta unveils new WhatsApp tools for businesses

The company aims to expand these services to more countries in the future.


Meta has announced a range of product updates for WhatsApp businesses in India and other countries, introducing AI tools and a Meta Verified program. That announcement was made during the Conversations event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where Meta detailed that these new features would provide businesses with additional options on WhatsApp. Initially available in India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Colombia, these services will be offered through subscription plans starting at approximately $14 per month.

The Meta Verified program, previously launched for Facebook and Instagram, is now extended to WhatsApp businesses. The verification provides a badge for companies that have registered their information with Meta, offering them protection against impersonation and additional account support. Verified businesses can use WhatsApp across multiple devices, and customers will see the badge on their channels and custom pages, ensuring authenticity and trust.

In addition to verification, Meta is introducing AI tools designed to help businesses enhance customer interactions. These tools can assist with answering common questions, discovering new products, and creating ads for Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, Meta is rolling out a feature that allows users to call businesses directly via WhatsApp, facilitating quick assistance for complex inquiries like travel arrangements or banking needs. The calling feature is currently being tested and will be expanded to more businesses in the coming months.