Meta launches AI-driven ads on WhatsApp

A new AI chatbot was also introduced to assist businesses with inquiries.


Meta has launched its first AI-driven ad targeting program for businesses on WhatsApp, aiming to generate revenue from the popular chat service. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new tools at a conference in Brazil, marking a significant shift for WhatsApp, which has traditionally avoided targeted advertising.

The new AI tools will use behaviour data from Facebook and Instagram to target messages more effectively to users who are likely to engage, provided they use the same phone number across accounts. The new feature is crucial for businesses as it allows for optimised ad delivery, making their marketing efforts more cost-effective.

Meta is also testing a new AI chatbot for business inquiries on WhatsApp. Namely, the chatbot will handle common requests like finding catalogues or consulting business hours, pushing towards automated customer service solutions. Additionally, Meta is integrating Brazil’s popular digital payment method, PIX, into WhatsApp’s payment tool, enhancing its functionality in the country.

These developments come as part of Meta’s broader strategy to monetise WhatsApp, which, despite its massive user base, has yet to contribute significantly to Meta’s overall revenue. The new initiatives are seen as steps to leverage WhatsApp’s extensive reach and user engagement for greater financial returns.