Launch of ASEAN Intellectual Property Register in collaboration with WIPO

This cutting-edge platform consolidates the latest IP info from all 10 ASEAN Member States, simplifying patent, trademark, and design searches.

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Today, the ASEAN group and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) have collaboratively introduced the ASEAN Intellectual Property (IP) Register. This novel platform, driven by sophisticated information exchange technology, amalgamates the latest IP data from all ten ASEAN Member States under WIPO’s care. Functioning as a singular point of entry, the ASEAN IP Register simplifies patent, trademark, and design inquiries for concerned parties.

WIPO’s Director General, Daren Tang, commended ASEAN’s advancements towards the technology-focused development of the ASEAN Economic Community, underscoring WIPO’s dedication to nurturing a favorable IP ecosystem. This launch corresponds to substantial expansion in ASEAN’s IP applications, spotlighting the flourishing intangible assets within the region. Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, ASEAN’s Secretary-General, envisions leveraging the register’s capabilities to establish a premier Intellectual Property Hub through intensified ASEAN-WIPO cooperation.

Why does this matter?

This move creates a centralized hub for up-to-date IP data from all ten ASEAN Member States, streamlining patent, trademark, and design searches for stakeholders. This enhances efficiency and accessibility for businesses, innovators, and creators in the region. The growth in IP applications within ASEAN, despite challenges like the pandemic, signifies the region’s increasing emphasis on intangible assets. The collaboration between ASEAN and WIPO sets the stage for deeper cooperation, envisioning the establishment of an Intellectual Property Hub of Excellence.