Kenya government advises against TikTok ban, proposes oversight

Amid concerns over TikTok’s content, Kenya’s government recommends stricter oversight instead of a ban, proposing a co-regulation model for the platform.


Kenya’s government has advised against banning TikTok amidst concerns over content shared on the platform, suggesting stricter oversight instead. The recommendation comes in response to a parliamentary panel considering a citizen’s petition to ban the Chinese-owned app. The interior ministry alleges TikTok has been used for spreading propaganda, fraud, and distributing sexual content.

The information and communication ministry proposed a co-regulation model, urging TikTok to screen content for compliance with laws in Kenya and submit quarterly reports on removed material. TikTok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, has yet to comment on the recommendation since it has faced global criticism but defended its user privacy record.

Regulatory scrutiny of TikTok is not unique to Kenya. Italy recently fined three TikTok units for inadequate content checks, especially concerning children’s safety. Meanwhile, in the US, the Senate approved legislation threatening a TikTok ban unless ByteDance divests within the next nine to twelve months. Concerns centre around fears that China could exploit the app for data access or surveillance of American users.