ITU and WHO launch ad hoc group on digital health technologies to combat COVID-19

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the World Health Organization (WHO) launched an Ad-hoc Group on Digital Technologies for COVID Health Emergency affiliated with the ITU-WHO Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence for Health commissioned to establish best practices in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) at each life cycle of a public health emergency. The ad hoc group, which is open for all interested parties to participate, will review AI and other digital technologies’ performance in combatting COVID-19 to build clarity around effective technology approaches to the COVID-19 pandemic and future health emergencies. ‘Digital interventions have been used throughout the COVID-19 response to strengthen the health system, implement public health measures, and engage society. These solutions will also play a role in the transition to living with COVID-19, in ongoing risk assessment, and in helping health services cope with the challenges of pulsed containment,’ said co-Chair of the ad hoc group and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology Shan Xu. The ad- hoc group meets online every Monday).