Indian regulator recommends policies to support IoT development

In a set of recommendations for the formulation of India’s national telecom policy, the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) suggested, among other things, the adoption of policies to encourage the development of networks especially suited for the Internet of Things (IoT). The authority notes that ‘industry 4.0 is being built around the IoT/M2M [machine-to-machine] infrastructure and services for which the availability of ubiquitous digital communication services […] is a pre-requisite’. It recommends that one of the objectives of the national telecom policy is ‘to enable access for connecting to 1 billion IoT/M2M sensors/devices by 2020 and 5 billion by 2022. Strategies to achieve this objective could include supporting the development of markets for IoT/M2M connectivity services; creating appropriate institutions for coordinated development of 5G services, IoT/M2M systems and their security framework; having simplified licensing and regulatory frameworks for IoT/M2M service providers; and earmarking suitable licensed and unlicensed spectrum for IoT/M2M services.