Image Analyzer comments on live streaming risks to children

Visual content moderation company Image Analyzer has commented on the survey conducted by Internet Matters over 2000 children aged 5 to 16 years. The study found that the number of children live-streaming themselves has risen by 89 percent from the past year and that one in six children are now broadcasting their own videos. This increase in livestreaming by children has been accompanied by parents reporting a 42 percent rise in number of children being exposed to online content that promotes self harm or suicide.

Reacting to the survey, founder and CEO of Image Analyzer Cris Pikes, CEO, who is also a member of Online Safety Tech Industry Association (OSTIA),  stated that the adoption by children of live-streaming poses a risk to them online and the reports of Internet Watch Foundation of children being coerced into being filmed in a compromising way by groomers are a matter of concern. He adds that the report by Internet Matters report highlights the need to equip parents to guide their children on how to use internet services safely, making children aware of the dangers online and keeping themselves safe.