IBM to open first European quantum data centre in Germany

IBM has announced plans to open Germany’s first European quantum data center. The center aims to provide businesses, research institutions, and government organizations access to advanced quantum computing. Additionally, this move aims to tackle global challenges and aligns with Germany’s quantum strategy.

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IBM has unveiled its plans to establish the first quantum data center in Europe, which will be in Germany. The primary objective of this center, situated in Ehningen, is to grant access to cutting-edge quantum computing to businesses, research institutions, and governmental bodies.

Expected to be operational by 2024, the data center will house multiple IBM quantum computer systems equipped with processors boasting more than 100 qubits, aiming to empower users in the European cloud region to deploy quantum systems and process data exclusively within Europe. IBM’s Quantum Computing vice president, Jay Gambetta, stated that this is part of a broader initiative aimed at enabling European users to harness the potential of quantum computing for addressing major global challenges. I

In addition to the hardware expansion, IBM will introduce novel software, such as the “Multichannel Scheduler,” to enhance the optimization of quantum computer workflows.

This initiative also aligns with Germany’s own quantum strategy, which seeks to bolster the nation’s position in quantum technology and tackle societal issues across various domains.