The Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association warns that restricting Internet access would be ruinous for the region

According to a news report, Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association (HKISPA) have in a statement warned that any attempt by the authorities to restrict Internet access as a means of curbing protests “would start the end of the open Internet of Hong Kong”.

In reacting to the recent suggestion by Hong Kong’s leader, during a press briefing, that she would have no option than to invoke emergency powers to stop the unrests in the country, including limiting Internet access, HKISPA stated that any such move would lead to a “huge economic and social consequences and deter international organizations from doing business in Hong Kong.”

HKISPA reasoned that because of technologies such as VPNs, cloud and cryptographies, the only way to block access is to place the entire Internet of Hong Kong behind a large-scale surveillance firewall and that evidently would lead to adverse economic and social implications.