Google and University of Tokyo to launch AI initiative for regional solutions

Potential applications of AI include enhancing medical care in remote areas and automating tasks in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.


Google LLC and the University of Tokyo are teaming up to leverage generative AI to tackle local challenges in Japan, such as the nation’s shrinking workforce. The initiative, featuring prominent AI researcher Professor Yutaka Matsuo, will be piloted in Osaka and Hiroshima prefectures, with plans to expand successful models nationwide by 2027.

In Osaka, the project aims to address employment mismatches by using AI to suggest job opportunities and career paths that job seekers might not have considered. That approach differs from traditional job placement agencies and will draw from extensive online data to offer more tailored job suggestions.

The specific focus for Hiroshima has yet to be determined. However, Hiroshima Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki expressed a vision for AI to provide detailed responses to relocating inquiries, signalling AI’s potential to shape the prefecture’s future.

Beyond these initial projects, Google suggests that generative AI could enhance medical care on remote islands and automate agriculture, forestry, and fisheries tasks. Professor Matsuo emphasised that effectively utilising generative AI presents a significant opportunity for Japan.