Gmail’s mobile app introduces automatic email translation for Android and iOS users

With compatibility spanning over 100 languages, this enhancement aims to streamline communication across different linguistic backgrounds.

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Gmail for Android and iOS devices has introduced a new built-in translation feature. This feature can automatically detect the language of an email and translate it. This capability has been available on the desktop version, and it now works with 100 different languages.

Google announced this update on its Workspace Updates blog, mentioning that it’s a highly requested addition for mobile users. Previously, users had to resort to methods like copying text to Google Translate or using Google Lens for translation. On mobile, users can now simply select the ‘Translate’ option from the three-dot menu in an email’s top-right corner. Users can set their preferred output language in settings. The feature will gradually roll out to Android users over the next two weeks and will be available on iOS devices starting August 21. Users can also choose to disable translation prompts for specific languages if desired.

Why does it matter?

In a globalized world, where individuals and businesses interact across diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, this feature can help users seamlessly interact with emails in languages they might not be proficient in, bridging communication gaps across language barriers and integrating different cultures.