EU announced measures for better protection of IP

29 Nov 2017
The European Commission announced its measures to ensure the protection of Intellectual Property, and therefore, encourage innovation. In order to tackle the rising problem of piracy, the Commission announced further work with intermediates, especially payment institutions, in order to cut the flow of money from pirated goods and services. Moreover, the Commission continues to encourage industry-led initiatives to combat IP infringement. In order to ensure a predictable legal framework, the Commission issued new guidance that provides clarification on how to apply the 2004 IP Enforcement Directive Directive on the enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPRED). In addition, the Commission proposes to renew co-operation with custom authorities and third countries, in order to reduce the number of pirated goods from those counties.  Finally, the Commission has issued guidance for a balanced Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) system which should enable transparent and predictable licensing rules, and adequate awards for investments in R&D and standardisation activities.

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Knowledge and ideas are key resources in the global economy. The protection of knowledge and ideas, through Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), has become one of the predominant issues in the Internet governance debate. Internet-related IPR include copyright and trademarks.


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