ETSI publishes a new guide for IoT manufacturers

ETSI releases a new guide for IoT manufacturers focusing on cybersecurity provisions and specifications for consumer IoT devices and home gateways. The guide explains how to comply with these standards and specifies security requirements for home gateways.

 ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) issues two documents to help manufacturers secure IoT products:

(1) A Guide to Cyber Security for Consumer Internet of Things is designed to help manufacturers comply with the cybersecurity provisions in ETSI EN 303 645 and the ETSI TS 103 701 test specification for consumer IoT devices. It explains the relationship between these specifications and how they can be used together.

(2) The Technical Specification Cyber Security for Home Gateways; Security Requirements as vertical from Consumer Internet of Things defines security requirements for home gateways that go beyond the requirements defined in ETSI EN 303 645 for consumer IoT devices.