Employees are cautiously optimistic about AI, survey finds

20 Feb 2018

A survey conducted by the Workforce Institute and Coleman Parkes Research among almost 3000 employees in 8 countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the USA) found out that employees have a 'cautious optimism' attitude about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on their work. According to the survey findings, 4 out of 5 employees see potential benefits in AI improving their work experience but are concerned about a lack of strategy or communication from their employers when it comes to the use of AI. In total, 82% of the surveyed employees were optimistic that AI would improve their jobs, while 34% were concerned that AI would replace them at a point. Employees stated that they would welcome AI if it simplifies time-consuming work processes (64%), balances their workload (64%), and increases fairness in decision-making processes (62%). Two-thirds of the employees stated they would be more comfortable if employers were more transparent about how they plan to make use of AI at the workplace.

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The impact of the Internet on businesses and the global economy has been crucial in shaping new economic models, and at the same time, raising new concerns.

The Internet is one of the primary drivers of economic growth, which is visible in many countries that have placed the development of ICT as one of the primary tools for boosting the economy.

Historically, telecommunications, broadcasting, and other related areas were separate industry segments; they used different technologies and were governed by different regulations.


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