Egypt’s strategic role in subsea cables infrastructure

In a recent press release, Telecom Egypt (ETEL) announced the successful completion of the installation of the second and final 2Africa subsea cable. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone for the company.

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According to a press release on 10 May, Telecom Egypt (ETEL) installed the second and final 2Africa subsea cable in Port Said, following the successful landing of the first cable in Ras Ghareb, Red Sea, five months ago. The CEO and Managing Director of Telecom Egypt, Mohamed Nasr, emphasised the company’s commitment to providing advanced solutions to both local and international partners and customers.

The 2Africa project, scheduled for completion in 2024, is a significant subsea cable project that will interconnect Europe, Asia, and Africa. With a distance of 45,000 kilometres, it will provide more capacity than all of the current subsea cables combined that service Africa, linking 33 countries through 46 landing points. Egypt, with over 150 years of experience in the submarine cable industry, is the most crucial hub for connecting the continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe.