Dual nature of AI highlighted by US President Biden at UNGA 2023

In his statement, US President Joe Biden highlighted the dual nature of emerging technologies, particularly AI. He emphasised that these technologies possess both enormous potential and significant perils. The President’s speech highlighted the need to ensure that these technologies are harnessed as tools of opportunity rather than becoming instruments of oppression.

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In his address to the UN General Assembly 2023, US President Biden acknowledged the transformative potential of emerging technologies like AI. He underscored their capacity to revolutionise industries, boost economic growth, and address some of society’s most pressing challenges. However, he was equally candid about the inherent dangers posed by these technologies if not adequately regulated and managed.

AI safety and governance

President Biden stated that the USA is committed to ensuring the safety of AI technologies before they are deployed for public use. He stressed the need for robust rules and policies that would prevent reckless or harmful applications of AI. The President made it clear that the USA aims to be at the forefront of shaping these regulations.

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In his address, US President Biden stated:

‘The United States is working to strengthen rules and policies so AI technologies are safe before they’re released to the public, to make sure we govern this technology, not the other way around, having it govern us.’

International collaboration

Recognising the global nature of the AI landscape, President Biden highlighted the importance of working collaboratively with leaders from around the world. He emphasised that addressing the challenges posed by AI requires cooperation not only with allies but also with competitors.

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