Croatia signs Declaration on Women in Digital

HE Ambassador Goran Štefanić, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Croatia signed the Declaration on Women in Digital, and became the 26th country to join efforts when it comes to boosting and enabling the participation of women in digital and technology sectors. As per declaration, all signatories commit to take action on a national level in order to: Create a national strategy to encourage women’s participation in digital; Encourage broadcasters to promote a positive public image of women in digital; Establish a European Girls and Women in ICT day; Stimulate companies to combat gender discrimination at work; Advance a gender-balanced composition of boards, committees and bodies dealing with digital matters; Improve monitoring mechanisms and data collection in order to set improved targets. Claire Bury, Deputy Director-General for the European Commission’s Directorate-General Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CNECT), welcomed Croatia’s signature and said: ‘The underrepresentation of women in the digital economy is not just an economic loss, but also a societal issue.’