CIRA’s Canadian Shield provides free privacy and security using the national DNS over HTTPS protocol

Canada’s Internet Registration Authority (CIDA) has launched a free DNS firewall service called CIRA Canadian Shield for the protection of privacy online and cybersecurity concerns of Canadian individuals and families. The onset of COVID-19 has forced many Canadians into working and studying from home with personal devices and home networks that are not funded by corporate IT budgets or secured according to corporate IT policies and are therefore more susceptible to cyber-attacks. 

The CIRA Canadian shield will facilitate three free service tiers:

  • Private which provides better online privacy
  • Protected: All of the features of the Private tier with additional protection against malware, botnet and phishing attacks
  • Family: All of the features of the Protected tier with the restriction of adult content

Canadian Shield is delivering enterprise-grade cybersecurity and privacy protection to Canadians by utilising its experience in managing and protecting CIRA’s national DNS and critical internet infrastructure and through a number of partnerships including Akamai Technologies and the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.