China’s call for developing AI to protect children’s rights

China urges ethical AI development at the UN, emphasizing children’s pivotal role, advocating mental health support, bridging digital gaps, and fostering international governance respecting cultural diversity.

China flag,digital world map

At the 55th session of the UN Human Rights Council, China called for advancing the high-quality development of AI to promote children’s rights and mental health.

Chen Xu, the permanent representative of China to the UN Office in Geneva and other international organizations in Switzerland, emphasized the significance of children as the future of humanity, highlighting their role as the primary beneficiaries of AI technologies.

As such, Chen outlined three main key points regarding AI and children’s rights:

  1. Prioritizing children’s well-being by utilizing AI for mental health counseling,
  2. Promoting fairness and inclusivity to bridge the digital gap and
  3. Advocating for international AI governance while respecting each country’s sovereignty and cultural context.

Why does it matter?

Although AI offers numerous benefits to humanity’s advancement, it also poses risks, particularly for children, if misused. Therefore, this initiative underscores the imperative for collaborative endeavors to guarantee fair access to AI advantages and institute ethical standards for its worldwide deployment.