China telecom makes quantum leap with new quantum technology group

China Telecom takes a quantum leap with the establishment of the China Telecom Quantum Information Technology Group. With an investment of $434 million, they’re aiming to accelerate product development and promote the industry nationwide.

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China Telecom has invested 3 billion yuan ($434 million) in establishing the China Telecom Quantum Information Technology Group. The newly formed entity, headquartered in Anhui province, is dedicated to advancing quantum technology, expediting the development of quantum products, and fostering the industry on a national scale. China Telecom’s formation of the group aligns with General Secretary Xi Jinping’s directives on quantum technology and underscores China’s ambition to emerge as a frontrunner in the worldwide race for quantum computing supremacy.

In a similar development, China Mobile, another major Chinese telecommunications company, had previously partnered with Origin Quantum, a Chinese startup, to explore the utilisation of quantum computing in addressing computational bottlenecks in 5G and 6G technologies.