China bolsters patent protection in AI, aiming to foster innovation

China is ramping up efforts to protect patents in AI, genetic tech, and blockchain, expanding patent scope for cutting-edge industries. In addition, they’re opening up access to 18 databases on frontier technologies.

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China’s leading authority on intellectual property announced that it has intensified its efforts to enhance the protection of patents in the fields of AI genetic technology and blockchain. Wu Hongxiu, an official from the National Intellectual Property Administration, disclosed during a press conference that they have updated the examination criteria for these cutting-edge industries. These revisions involve broadening the patent scope and enhancing the examination process’s quality and efficiency.

To foster innovation in science and technology while safeguarding intellectual property rights in emerging industries and novel business models, the administration has also adopted a more transparent approach by providing public access to 18 databases focused on advanced technologies, as noted by Wu.

Why does it matter?

According to, as of 2022, the country reached a very high position in terms of the number of patent applications submitted for AI technologies, with the core AI sector having grown to surpass 500 billion yuan (approximately 68.7 billion US dollars) in scale. By expanding patent scope and improving examination quality, China aims to create a more conducive environment for businesses and researchers to invest in and develop new technologies.