Blind and print-related disabled Indiana voters now have access to a new online tool

Blind voters and those with print related disabilities in Indiana can now use an online tool for absentee balloting.

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According to a news release, the government of Indiana has urged voters who are blind or have other print difficulties to use a new online tool for absentee balloting.

Last year, Indiana Disability Rights and Disability Rights Advocates filed a lawsuit regarding the state of voters who are blind or have other print-related disabilities experiences.

In the ruling, the US District Court Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson said that the old requirement ‘significantly interfere(d) with a blind or print disabled person’s ability to vote privately and independently.’

During the press release, Tom Crishon, legal director for Indiana Disability Rights said, ‘Every voter has the right to cast their ballot privately and independently. The new remote accessible ballot marking tool allows voters with print disabilities to do just that – use their own assistive technology to cast their ballot on their own’.