Apple lost a legal dispute in the UK over crucial technological patents used in Apple products

Apple lost an appeal in a London court over technology patents for devices used in Apple devices. The Court of Appeal confirmed the lower court’s decision that Optis Cellular Technology LLC can restrict Apple from using the crucial patents for 3G and 4G telecommunications unless Apple commits to fair and reasonable terms of use.

The ruling is the latest in a dispute that has been ongoing since 2019 when Optis accused Apple of infringing on eight of its patents on telecommunications technology through the sale of products, including iPhone and iPad. In contrast, Apple claimed that Optis had been abusing its dominant position.

The legal battle between Apple and Optis has already prompted six separate trials and three appellate hearings in the UK alone, with two further Court of Appeal hearings due next year. Also, the companies led a legal dispute before a US court, where a judge fined Apple $300 million for infringing on Optis patent rights related to wireless standards. Apple attempted to appeal the decision, but an East Texas court denied its bid for a third trial in May.