Amazon urges ICANN to approve .amazon

12 Sep 2017

In a letter sent to the ICANN Board on 7 September and published by ICANN on 12 September, Amazon asks the Board ’to immediately approve [its] long-pending .amazon applications’. The company builds its request on the July 2017 declaration of an Independent Review Process Panel (IRP), which concluded that the Board acted in a manner inconsistent with ICANN bylaws when rejecting the application for .amazon. The letter also underlined several reasons why Amazon is of the view that its generic top-level domain applications should be approved: ‘because there is no sovereign right under international or national law to the name “Amazon”, because there are no well-founded and substantiated public policy reasons to block our Applications, because we are committed to using the TLDs in a respectful manner, and because the Board should respect the IRP accountability mechanism’.

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The Domain Name System (DNS) handles Internet domain names (such as and converts them to Internet Protocol (IP) numbers (and the other way around).

Knowledge and ideas are key resources in the global economy. The protection of knowledge and ideas, through IPR, has become one of the predominant issues in the Internet governance debate, and has a strong development-oriented component. Internet-related IPR include copyright, trademarks, and patents.

Trademarks are relevant to the Internet because of the registration of domain names. In the early phase of Internet development, the registration of domain names was based on a first come, first served basis. This led to cybersquatting, the practice of registering names of companies and selling them later at a higher price.


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