African countries should make bold decisions to promote economic development through digital transformation, said World Bank

A World Bank policy brief noted that African governments have to take some bold decisions to promote digital transformation in the continent. The brief, which is based on the report titled The Future of Work in Africa: Harnessing the potential of digital Digital Technologies for All, further emphasised that ‘in Africa, faster Internet helps create jobs across education levels. Urgent investment in digital infrastructure is necessary to reach the African Union’s goal of universal and affordable internet for all.’ In that sense, there is a need to enhance digital skills, address universal basic digital literacy for all, invest in complementary assets such as reliable electricity and transport, and ameliorate the business environment. This is espoused by the African Union that promotes digital technologies through providing a venue for policy dialogue. The World Bank also called upon the African countries to espouse the required digital adoption to uphold the economic transformation that Africa needs.