ADEF launches Shelter4Digital (S4G) to drive digital inclusion

The African Digital Economy Forum launches digital awareness campaign in Lagos schools.

The African Digital Economy Forum (ADEF) partners with the Nigerian government to launch its Shelter4Digital(S4G) campaign across schools in Lagos, Nigeria. During its first stop at a special unit in a community school, the mantra, ‘No one should be left behind,’ reverberated. Staff and students benefitted from tutoring sessions, and as a result of the intervention, those who participated acquired skills in graphic design, digital stories development and animation.

The S4G initiative aims to create awareness, deepen digitisation and drive inclusion among African youths and SMEs. According to the ADEF Founder and CEO, the initiative was birthed to ensure internet access and use is available to all, including the disadvantaged. He reported that its mission is to eliminate historical, institutional and structural barriers in the area of technology.

The UN has identified internet access as a basic human right.