A call for Persons with Disabilities involvement in the Digital economy

In her address during the Persons with disabilities (OKU) Sentral and Maxis Entrepreneur workshop, Senator Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi, said ‘ Involvement of Persons with disabilities(OKU)in the  digital economy need to be intensified, it is important for Persons with disabilities (OKU) to master technology to boost their marketability and enhance social inclusion’.

She further called on to the Malaysia government to launch the Persons with disabilities(OKU) Inclusive Digital Economy Roadmap to open up more opportunities and provide platforms for the community to be directly involved in the digital economy  , especially online businesses.

To the government and corporate sector, she said that ‘they could play a role in ensuring that Persons with disabilities (OKU) are part of the digitization agenda as  well as work together to bridge the digital divide among the community in the Country’.