26 Oct: Nepal passes online child safety act

For protecting children online, the Ministry of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens, in Nepal  has approved the Online Child Protection Procedure, 2021, as per Section 86 (1) of the existing Children’s Act. 

As per this procedure schools will have to provide safe computers and connectivity, monitor the activity of children online, install filters to protect minors, set up a grievance settlement system to look at issues of child abuse arising inside the schools, encourage students to report online abuse and build their capacity for safe surfing and how to use the reporting system.

Further public libraries will have to abide by the rules set for schools,  cyber cafes will have to ensure that no minor below 14 years can access the internet in the cafes unattended.

The procedure states that online service providers will have to make their platforms safe for children,  internet service providers to provide guardians or caregivers with tools that controls to access and protect children online,  websites and social media platforms  will have to ensure that their platforms are free of online child abuse content with immediate takedown when any abuse is reported or observed. 

Further, the procedure stipulates setting up a 12-member online child protection coordinating committee led by secretary at the MoWCSC.