Diversity starts with our uniqueness compared to other human beings. It continues with our age, sex, race, culture, religion, profession, and other aspects of our individual identity. Diversity is also about our local communities, regions, and nations. Respect for diversity, while building on our common values and desires, is key in building a prosperous, inclusive, and harmonious society.

As diversity nurtures innovation and creativity, it has helped spur many digital developments. From the early days, the internet has been an important enabler of diversity through the inclusion of a wide range of individuals and cultures. Lately, however, tech platforms have facilitated the creation of echo chambers among groups, entrenching like-minded individuals in spaces where they are not exposed to diversity in individuals, language, and communication style.

The future of digitalisation and our society depends on at least protecting diversity, and at best, nurturing it. In particular, it will be a challenge for emerging digital developments like AI platforms, which may sacrifice diversity as they aim to achieve economic optimisation.