In response to G20, USAID launches the Women in the Digital Economy Initiative

In response to a historic commitment from the Group of 20 Leaders to halve the digital gender gap by 2030, USAID is also launching the Women in the Digital Economy Initiative.

Business women using digital technology

Following the G20’s commitment to halve the digital gender gap by 2030, USAID launched the Women in the Digital Economy Initiative. This initiative brings together governments, private sector companies, foundations, civil society, and multilateral organisations to accelerate progress in closing the gender digital divide.

Governments and organisations worldwide have committed funding and resources to support initiatives targeting the gender digital divide. Australia has pledged $12 million by 2028 to drive the digital financial inclusion and empowerment of 100 million women globally. Canada has allocated $3.6 million by 2027 to enhance the economic resilience of women entrepreneurs in Bolivia. Finland plans to invest approximately $87 million between 2021 and 2026 to promote technology and innovation for gender equality. Germany will allocate around $60 million through 2026 to initiatives that contribute to closing the gender digital divide, while Japan will allocate about $6.2 million by 2026 to advance women’s economic opportunities in the tech sector.

The private sector, philanthropies, multilateral organisations, and civil society are also actively involved in bridging the gender digital divide. For example, Amazon Web Services provides resources to support early-stage AI startups, focusing on women-led ventures. The GSMA, representing mobile operators, is committed to reducing the gender gap in mobile internet and mobile money services, with over 65 million additional women reached since 2016.

Why does it matter?

The efforts made through the Women in the Digital Economy Fund Initiative and the commitments from various governments and organisations demonstrate a global commitment to bridge the global gender divide. The goal is to promote economic growth and improve the lives of women and girls worldwide.