Zain Group publishes insightful report on ‘Women in Technology- Bridging the Gender Gap in STEM Fields’

On International Women’s Day, Zain Group released its annual thought leadership report under the title ‘Women in Tech – Bridging the Gender Gap in STEM Fields’ which looks at the gender gap in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and explores the impact on socio-economic development across the board. The report investigates the cause, nature, and effects of the challenges related to STEM that women encounter, and the prejudices they face upon entering professions in the field. The report argues that if 600 million more women were connected to the internet over the next three years, the global gross domestic product (GDP) would upsurge between US$13-18 billion. It also found that the Middle East and North Africa Region has the highest share of women among total tertiary STEM graduates (49.2%) compared to other regions and the world average (37.8%) which means the MENA region can drive equitable gender representation in STEM employment.