YouTube implements mandatory disclosure for AI-generated content

YouTube’s new policy demands creators to reveal if AI was used in crafting videos, ensuring transparency on AI-generated content. Starting next year, creators must disclose AI involvement in realistic scenes or altering real individuals’ appearances or statements.

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YouTube has introduced new rules requiring creators to reveal if they’ve used generative AI in their videos, aiming to keep viewers informed about AI-generated content. This change comes as AI makes it easier to create lifelike videos portraying fictional situations. Starting next year, these updates will include:

  1. Obligatory acknowledgement of AI involvement in crafting realistic scenes or altering appearances or statements of real individuals;
  2. Opportunities for requests to remove content that imitates identifiable people, with exceptions for satire, parody, and imitations of public figures;
  3. Special procedures for music industry partners to seek removal of content imitating specific artists’ voices;
  4. Full transparency about YouTube’s own AI tools to the audience.

Not disclosing AI use could result in content removal or penalties. YouTube stresses its existing rules against deceptive content and ensures that AI-generated videos follow guidelines on violence and hate speech. The visibility of AI disclosure varies, with more emphasis on sensitive topics like politics and health. While disclosures may mainly feature in video descriptions, YouTube plans to provide clearer labelling for sensitive subjects.

Why does this matter?

The simplicity of generating diverse content with AI raises worries about the rapid dissemination of easily-created misinformation. Instances of journalists using ChatGPT have sparked significant criticism from affected individuals and the wider audience. As AI improves its ability to replicate reality, issues surrounding deepfakes and other AI-produced visual and audio content intensify in seriousness. By setting guidelines for AI use it encourages responsible and ethical practices among content creators, especially concerning sensitive subjects or individuals’ likenesses.