Young women in Rwanda developed an anti-corruption app

Inspired by the story of bribery which involved an innocent victim and a policeman, three young women, students from Rwanda, Monica Kirabo, Angela Izi Nkusi, and Odile Abimana, developed an app to help fight the corruption. The mobile app, Anti-Corruption App (ACAP) allows individuals an easy access and ability to report bribery and other forms of corruption on the local level. The ACAP also allows local officials to review the reports from the app, and thus take the appropriate measures. Izi Nkusi, one of the young developers, said that that their idea was to enable their fellow citizens to access justice. They plan to partner with relevant authorities to make the platform work for people. The media reports that at the Social Accountability Symposium in Kigali, organised by Transparency International Rwanda and supported by the Germany Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), ‘experts indicated that it is such platforms that will accelerate the level at which citizens can hold their leaders, politicians and service providers accountable’. All three young women are  science and technology students of the Gashora Academy of Science and Technology.