X allows political ads in the US and bolsters safety measures ahead of 2024 election

These measures could help the company expand its revenue potential, which has been affected by advertiser caution due to content concerns.

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X, formerly known as Twitter, has announced that it will now permit political advertising in the US by candidates and political parties. This change comes after the company, under its previous identity, had banned political ads globally since 2019.

In January, the ban was lifted to allow ’cause-based ads’ related to issues like voter registration. X plans to expand the scope of political ads on its platform, potentially boosting its revenue as advertisers have hesitated due to concerns about inappropriate content.

Alongside this decision, X has committed to strengthening its safety and elections team to combat content manipulation and emerging threats. The company also plans to introduce a global advertising transparency center, allowing users to access information about promoted political ads. However, ads spreading false information or aiming to erode public trust in elections will continue to be prohibited.

Why does it matter?

This announcement comes amid scrutiny regarding X’s readiness for the 2024 presidential election, especially following staff reductions, including members of the trust and safety team, after its acquisition by Elon Musk in October. It should be noted that allowing political ads could potentially exacerbate the spread of misinformation and divisive content, especially given Twitter’s previous struggles in effectively moderating such content during elections. As the platform moves forward, it must demonstrate its commitment to preserving the integrity of the upcoming 2024 presidential election.