World Bank, T4 Education, and over 11,000 teachers call on governments and tech companies to provide good internet access and equipment for every school in the world

Following the Teacher Tech Summit 2022, The World Bank, T4 Education, and over 11,000 teachers issued a communiqué calling upon the governments, the international community, and tech companies to collaborate to ensure every school in the world has reliable internet access and enough devices to bring educational technology (EdTech) into every classroom to close global learning gaps. The communiqué further advocated for EdTech to be designed in collaboration with teachers and harnessed to reduce educational inequalities. ‘Global education stands at a crucial juncture as the world looks to rebuild from COVID-19. If we are to prevent the learning gaps that were widened by the pandemic from becoming entrenched, then technology – with its ability to offer personalised learning to remove barriers to education – will be a key part of this. For this to succeed we must close the digital divide, and that means governments and tech companies coming together to provide the integrated package of support on connectivity, hardware, software, and digital human capabilities in all schools,’ said World Bank Global Director for Education Jaime Saavedra.