Women at the heart of closing the gender digital divide

An article contributed by the World Economic Forum Why Women Need to be at the Heart of the Digital Revolution starts: ‘Studies suggest that if governments & businesses double the pace at which women are becoming digitally fluent, we could reach gender equality in the workplace by 2040.’ It emphasises the importance of women’s right to access the Internet as important to their means to achieve economic prosperity and to realise the benefits of technology, and the resulting positive impact on the rest of society. This sentiment is strongly stated in No Woman Left Behind — Closing the Gender Digital Divide as well, which notes that ‘Women make up a majority of those without access to the internet which means that they are already disadvantaged from fully participating in globalisation.’ The article also notes that ‘Studies have shown that despite there being fewer talented women in technology than men, many of those who are qualified are still not hired.’ Global priorities stress connecting not only the next billion, but the missing women.