Women delegates at the G20 meeting highlighted the need of financial and digital inclusion for women worldwide

G20 representatives promoted the necessity of assisting women in bridging the gender inequality gap in financial and digital inclusion for women worldwide.

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Women delegates at the G20 meeting in Goa on 8 May emphasised the importance of financial and digital inclusion for women worldwide. According to Susan Ferguson, UN Women’s Country Representative, this inclusion can be realised through institutional efforts and the involvement of family support in economic and digital growth to overcome the gender inequality gap.

Former UN General Assembly President, Mara Fernanda Espinosa, stated that women in leadership positions must lead by example to eliminate these preconceptions and that institutions and mechanisms that promote female leadership are needed.

Baratang Miia, founder and CEO of ‘GirlHipe – Women Who Code’ (a not-for-profit organisation) in South Africa, also participated in the debate. She claimed that women must develop the algorithms that generate digital content, that technical literacy is a significant barrier to women’s labour-force involvement today, and that this may significantly boost their expertise to design and shape their technology environments.