WMNfintech program empowering women entrepreneurs in fintech for digital inclusion

BMO and 1871 have partnered to provide resources, support and mentorship to five women entrepreneurs in the 2023 WMNfintech program.

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BMO and 1871 announced five participating companies, on 14 June, in its 2023 WMNfintech program, which provides women entrepreneurs with resources, support and mentorship to accelerate their digital inclusion and growth. BMO and 1871 have mentored more than 15% of all female fintech founders in North America through the program.

Since its launch in 2018, the program has raised more than $31 million in capital and created over 170 jobs, showing the power of the network to help founders make real progress. Andrew Harrison, Head of US Digital Partners at BMO, is proud to support this year’s founders and continue their partnership.

1871 CEO Betsy Ziegler emphasised the importance of women in technology. BMO and WMNfintech collaborated to provide tools and coaching to five women as they expand their companies. WMNfintech also worked with or invested in WMNfintech alums, bringing them to Fintech Meetup 2023, announcing previous participation in the Women Innovators Lab by Anthemis, and supporting the launch of the largest women’s fintech community organisation in the Chicago area, NIC Women Fintech – Chicago Chapter.