WHO launches digital platform to address challenges of advanced HIV disease

The digital platform will enable knowledge sharing, best practices, and collaboration within the WHO AFRO region and beyond to reduce AIDS-related deaths and improve the management of AHD.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) is launching a new digital learning series called ‘TRACK’ to enhance knowledge sharing and capacity building on advanced HIV disease (AHD). AHD poses a significant challenge to HIV programs worldwide, especially in countries with high HIV burdens, and is a leading cause of mortality among people living with HIV. 

WHO aims to address the complexity of scaling up AHD services and clinical management by creating a digital platform that facilitates knowledge sharing, best practices, and intra-regional collaboration. The digital learning series will focus on WHO AFRO region but is also relevant to other regions. 

Capacity building is crucial in high HIV burden settings, and WHO seeks to reduce AIDS-related deaths and AHD through people-centred care and the adoption of guidelines.

This platform is part of a broader WHO response to AHD, which includes in-person workshops, disease estimates, innovation pipelines, considerations for antiretroviral therapy, and updates to AHD guidelines. The series will consist of four digital learning events in 2023; registration will be available in advance.