White House unveils new initiatives to guide AI research and address risks

The White House is taking bold steps to understand the risks and opportunities of artificial intelligence. New initiatives include an updated strategic plan for AI research, a listening session with workers to explore AI’s impact, and a report on AI in education.

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The Biden administration has unveiled new measures to steer federally funded research on AI, aiming to gain a comprehensive understanding of the technologies. As part of this effort, the strategic plan for AI research will be revised, with a particular focus on fostering international collaboration with allied nations.

In parallel, the White House has taken additional actions to examine the risks associated with AI and evaluate its impact on the workforce. The administration intends to actively engage with workers, seeking to comprehend how their employers employ AI for purposes such as surveillance, monitoring, and evaluation. To facilitate a thorough evaluation of the technology, the White House will introduce a range of measures. These include updating the roadmap for federal investments in AI research, inviting public input on the risks of AI, and releasing a report from the Department of Education that specifically addresses the effects of AI on teaching, learning, and research.

These initiatives build upon a recent meeting led by President Joe Biden, during which CEOs from prominent AI companies like Microsoft and Google were invited. The meeting underscored the importance of transparency in AI systems and emphasised the need to evaluate the safety of such products.

The increasing recognition of AI’s potential and associated risks has triggered discussions on regulation. Concerns have been raised about job displacement and the dissemination of disinformation due to the commercial adoption of AI tools, such as ChatGPT. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has called for swift regulatory action and has formed a bipartisan group of senators to collaborate on developing legislation in this domain.