USA urges White House to promote digital ID for safer identification

The White House should promote digital duplicates of physical identifying cards to reduce fraud and protect Americans against identity theft.

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The White House should promote the creation of digital duplicates of physical identifying cards such as driver’s licenses and passports. Businesses and advocates for digital ID are encouraging the Biden administration to utilise government agencies to confirm personal information as it implements its National Cybersecurity Strategy.

The Cyber Security Coalition, the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Electronic Transactions Association, the Coalition for Better Identity, and the American Bankers Association have urged the White House to establish a task force to coordinate operations among authoritative ID credential issuers and develop digital birth certificates and mobile driver’s licenses.

The White House issued an anti-fraud plan to reduce fraud in public benefit programs. Still, trade groups want the White House to endorse a project that would quantify the potential savings and economic advantages of investing in a digital identity infrastructure.

This aligns with the aims of the Coalition for a Better Identity, which wants the White House to maintain a larger plan to safeguard Americans against identity theft in other areas and guarantee victims receive immediate assistance. According to Jeremy Grant, former executive director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and current president of the Coalition for a Better Identification, identification is a problem that impacts every industry and every American.