US used the cyber-hotline with Russia to prevent incidents around elections

A direct secure voice communication line connecting the Kremlin and the White House, established as part of the 2013 cyber-agreement between Russia and the US as a means to manage eventual crisis situations stemming from cyber-activities, was activated by the US government on 31st of October, The Washington Post reports. According the source from the US administration, the message asked the Russian party to stop their cyber-activities related to undermining US elections; moreover, the use of the cyber-hotline was already a strong message in itself. The event follows the private warning by President Obama to President Putin during their meeting this summer, public allegations by the US Intelligence Community that Russia was being the hacks of the US systems, and the NBCNews coverage that the US military hackers have penetrated Russia’s critical infrastructure preparing for retaliations in case Russia severs its cyber-operations around the elections. Some analysists suggest that these intrusion activities, conducted allegedly by both Russia and the US, question the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of cyber-norms already agreed by the UN Group of Governmental Experts, including those from Russia and the US.